NSRI issues spring tide and shark warning

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The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) has issued a safety warning to beach goers along South Africa’s coastline line this weekend, warning of higher than normal high tides, lower than normal low tides and stronger than normal rip currents.

The NSRI says the current conditions it typical of a Full Moon Spring Tide, but is however urging the public to be cautious around the coast in the coming days.

The NSRI is also urging bathers, paddlers and the public in general along the St Francis Bay coastline to be cautious.

A whale carcass floating in the Bay off-shore of St Francis Bay is attracting sharks that have been witnessed feeding on the whale carcass.

The sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II has been launched by the NSRI St Francis Bay duty crew who are investigating. It is believed that a fishing boat has managed to tow the whale carcass to deeper water but caution along the coast is advised.