Mango partners with Amadeus

Mango partners with Amadeus
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South African low-cost carrier (LCC) Mango and Amadeus today announced a content agreement that brings the carrier’s content, including corporate fares, to the world’s largest and most diverse travel network. Under the agreement, Amadeus travel sellers in over 190 countries around the world will be able to access Mango’s content through the same search and booking flow as that used for traditional carriers.

Direct messaging with Mango will allow seamless access to its content, and Passenger Name Records (PNRs) will be confirmed immediately with a Mango record locator. This enables travel sellers to easily make changes to any Mango booking and use the same invoicing and billing process as for any other air content available through Amadeus. Booking LCCs on the Amadeus system is five times faster compared to the direct channel, while modifying tickets can be done eight minutes quicker than any other channel.

“The Southern African aviation landscape is changing dramatically, and Mango is an important player in this space. We are very excited about the opportunity and benefits that this partnership will bring to the market,” says Andy Hedley, General Manager for Southern Africa at Amadeus.

“Many low-cost carriers are starting to distribute to travel agencies to pursue revenue growth. Through distributing via Amadeus we have shown how airlines can improve margins by targeting the higher yield business passenger and extending their reach into new segments. The travel agency community also benefits from deeper access to content, enabling them to respond to the travellers’ evolving needs.”

For travellers, itineraries booked on Mango will now be available online and on mobile via CheckMyTrip.
“Mango believes in a multi-channel strategy where travel sellers and travellers can have access to a broad range of content and services. This new distribution agreement means Mango can continue to deliver transparency and choice to travellers and travel sellers worldwide,” said Nic Vlok, acting CEO at Mango Airlines.