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Pillow fight onboard and other strange things seen on planes

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Ever saw someone strip down on a commercial flight? Nope? Neither have we, but it has happened. Or, what about maggots raining down form the overhead storage compartments? That too has happened.

Let’s face it, there is hardly ever a dull moment when travelling, yet very few people have been on a flight where things got a bit more crazy than usual.

Here are some of the strangest things that have happened on a plane.


Stripping down

A thread on Reddit has revealed an array of the weirdest things air stewards and stewardesses have seen on their travels.

One of the posts tells of a man who stripped down to his boxers because the seat felt bad on his pants. Another tells of a flight which saw an Australian rugby team fly home. “They rented out the entirety of first class and the moment the flight reached cruising altitude, stripped down to their boxers,” the user wrote. “Allegedly they were some of the politest patrons he had seen but were just mostly naked.”


‘Pillow fight’

On the same Reddit post, a flight attendant told of a bizarre fight that broke out between two men, one in his 30s, the other in his 60s, on a flight from San Francisco to Osaka “because the 60-year-old man was not happy that the younger guy was using the pillow from an empty seat”.

“The old man kept yelling ‘No! One pillow per passenger! No!’ and trying to take the pillow away,” the user wrote. The younger guy was left with a very puzzled look on his face.


Toilet trouble

Another user claiming to be a customer service representative for a US airline told how a poor gentleman had pressed the flush in the toilet at the exact same moment the plane hit “a pocket of dead air and dropped”: “Everything in the tank proceeded upwards at the speed of gravity. He was… covered. They had to hose him off on the tarmac upon arrival.”


What’s really in the overhead storage lockers?

Halfway through a transatlantic flight, one of the overhead bins started raining maggots on the passengers in one row, another Reddit user wrote.

“Just pouring through. One of the flight attendants on the plane investigated and discovered that a passenger had flown in from Africa and was travelling to the US via Europe and had a whole dead fish filled with maggots wrapped inside a newspaper, apparently a delicacy in some parts of the world.”

One flight attendant also recalled meeting two young parents on their first flight who tried to put their baby in the overhead lockers, thinking they were meant for children.


Not what the dentist recommended

In an article, posted by the Mirror, one reader told of his experience on a flight from Toronto to London where an elderly man in business class brushed his teeth on his seat after his meal, gargled and spat it all out onto his plate.

He then apparently continued to blow his nose with a tissue and threw it behind the seat of the passenger in front of him, in his sleeping space.


Adult Content

Believe it or not! On more than one occasion people do in fact try to watch adult videos on their laptops/tablets/phones etc. often without even using ear phones!

Another inappropriate act witnessed frequently are couples getting hot and heavy right in their seats, as well as those people who still think it’s fun to try and join ‘the mile-high club’.

Poking is not just for Facebook

Similar to how people lose their temper, it seems they frequently lose their manners.

Many flight attendants say they get ‘poked’ a lot; hard and usually in the hips or bottom by passengers looking to get their attention. People also seem to become more impatient at altitude, both with flight staff and other passengers.

Staying fit

According to a number of online threads, a lot of people actually use the plane as a gym and this happens more often than you think. Readers tell of passengers trying to do yoga and other exercises in the aisles or back ally space of the plane.