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The NDC knowledge gap


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Despite so much talk about NDC (New Distribution Capability) within the industry, many travel managers feel in the dark about the issue, according to a report by ACTE.

Almost a quarter (23%) of travel managers say they are “not at all” confident in their understanding of NDC and what it means for their programme. A further 58% say they are only “somewhat” confident in their understanding.

Comments about NDC, collected as part of the research for the report, indicate scepticism among travel managers about the changes in air distribution and frustration that their voices are not being heard.

“For some the journey has already begun, but for the very large majority there is still a significant need for education. As a starting point, there is a need for a simple, clear and consistent communication on NDC: What it is, what it is not, how it can benefit the corporate buyer,” Yanik Hoyles, Director, NDC Program, IATA commented.

Dorine Reinstein
Dorine Reinstein
Dorine Reinstein is a seasoned travel writer and editor, who is passionate about retail travel as well as inbound tourism. She has written for award-winning publications. Dorine has completed her Honours Degree in English and Dutch Literature in Belgium as well as her Honours Degree in Drama in France. When moving to South Africa, she obtained her Advanced Journalism Diploma in Johannesburg. She has a knack for languages and can write effortlessly in English, Dutch and French.

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