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Overtourism, chatbots and the rise of social media influencers were among the main travel trends that emerged within the travel industry in 2017. This is according to a trends report compiled by specialist Cape Town-based travel content and marketing agency, Big Ambitions.

In this insert we take a closer look at the trend that is Bleisure…

‘Bleisure’ reflects a small, yet growing trend in business travel where business travellers combine business and leisure on one trip, either extending their business trip before or afterwards to explore the destination and sometimes bringing their family or spouse with.

It has been closely linked to worker productivity and job satisfaction and fueled by a global rise in:

● Digital nomads and self-starters
● ‘‘Third-Place’ working environments
● Need for better work/life balance

Although more prevalent among millennials, other generations are increasingly taking advantage of bleisure opportunities. The opportunity to take bleisure trips is also being touted as a recruitment and retention benefit for companies, helping reduce the normal wear and tear associated with frequent business travel.

Expedia describes these travellers as having high expectations of quality and comfort. They are also likely to only extend in destinations that offer good weather, a vibrant museum and arts scene, beaches and sightseeing locations.

To view the full trend report, click here or email for more information.

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